Friday, January 28, 2011

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Hiding In Your Shell?

Are you hiding in your shell?

Fear of failure.....the number one reason people give me for not venturing into the kitchen!  They are afraid to fail!
The fear of failure stops you dead in your tracks, and not just in the kitchen (obviously)!

Is fear holding you back from pursuing something you want to try?

Are you allowing fear to paralyze you?

Are you giving fear control of  your life?

It's time to embrace fear, let it be the adrenaline that moves you forward, not the weight that holds you back!

What are you afraid of, REALLY?  Looking stupid?   Feeling inadequate?  Not finishing?

I cook on a live two-hour newscast once a month on the local CBS affiliate (WIFR-23).  My most memorable mishaps include (but are in no way limited to) leaving the eggs out of my

Not mine....Mine was much worse! But there is no photographic evidence of my burned crust!
brownies....they come out of the oven resembling thick chocolate gravy and the time I completely charred the bottom of my grilled pizza (YUM, nothing says BBQ, like the smoky flavor and aroma from a  burnt piece of dough!)!

What are you gonna have to laugh!  Somewhat embarrassing.....BUT, think of the joy I just brought to people!  I made them laugh and smile....and what did it cost me?


If I thought I was the only one who ever made a mistake in the kitchen, I would be fooling myself!
Try something new EVERYDAY!

I am amazed at what I have been able to do, simply by throwing away my fear of failure!  I think you may be amazed, too!

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