Friday, January 28, 2011

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Looking For Food Producers In and Around Rockford, IL

With all the interest lately in locally grown and produced foods, I started thinking about what kinds of food are produced and sold locally and where you can purchase them in Rockford.

During the warm months, the obvious place would be the various Farmer's Markets around the area, but even those may not be so easy to come by in the future.

In and around Rockford, IL, we have Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips, Maria's Pizza, Muller-Pinehurst and numerous bakeries around the area, but I couldn't find a good listing of all those small producers who create wonderful products and sell them on a small scale!

In fact, I couldn't find a listing AT ALL!

I really want to start supporting more smaller, local food producers!  BUT, how to find them?  I've done some web searches, I've scoured facebook and I've even looked in the phone book (archaic as it may seem)!


So, I need YOUR help and in turn, I will post information about these small business people AND their products on my blog and facebook pages.  The info may not reach a million people, BUT, it will reach thousands and it won't cost any $$$$ (cha-ching) for advertising!

If you are a local producer, or have a family member, or a friend who is a local food producer, please TELL me who they are and what they have created!

You can do that any number of ways!  Drop me an email at, or include the info in the COMMENT section of this blog!


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