Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Day After Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict

These could also be called the Day After The Day After Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict.....or just have them whenever you want, if you happen to have some leftover stuffing and gravy!

So, you may know, that stuffing is my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving....what I mean is, it is my favorite FOOD part of Thanksgiving!  (Feel free to read my previous post about stuffing and dressing!)

There are MANY Thanksgiving leftover recipes!  Everyone has their favorites....I am no exception!  I have my favorites, most of them include stuffing!  I mean, there is always the creamed turkey or turkey pot pie or turkey soup....and who doesn't like turkey with mayo on white bread.....simple, yet SOOOO soul satisfying!

So, instead of the typical turkey hash for breakfast this morning, I decided to take a classic, Eggs Benedict, and spin it....ALOT! Using my Stuffing Croquettes recipe with some leftover giblet gravy and a poached egg, I came up with The Day After Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict....I hope you like it!


  1. Sylvia ~ I'm wondering if you just used the stuffing as is and put the egg on top or if you added something for this to become a breakfast? I don't see a recipe here; just all the tempting pictures.

    1. Hey Vicki!

      If you click on the links (Stuffing Croquettes), the recipe for Stuffing Croquettes will open in another window! Sorry if I didn't make that clear!


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