Saturday, February 11, 2012

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If Y'all Knew Sushi, Like I Knew Sushi

I've tried before to make sushi at home....disaster! They were HUGE, funny looking, oddly shaped and lacked uniformity!  So, I put away my sushi mat and rice paddle.

But, the sushi making seed has been growing in my head for awhile and I decided to try again!  But, first, I would need instruction.  Classes?  Videos? 


I needed to watch sushi being made in person and watch the techniques!  So, I have made many, many, many trips to sushi restaurants to watch (and eat)....just for the sake of research (can I write that off?)

I don't have a recipe to post here, but, I did find some helpful hints at the website, Make My Sushi.  My sushi rice was a combination of several recipes because none of them sounded quite like what I was looking for, but included a sushi grade rice, rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

One roll was a take off on my husband's favorite roll at the moment!  You can find it at Jack's By The Tracks in Pascagoula, MS.  If you are down that way, check them out!  GREAT joint!  Music, sushi, fish tacos to die for and wonderful people!  (Did I mention a great beer and wine list, too?)  Just make it a destination!  Al loves their Crawesome - stuffed with crawfish tempura, cream cheese, asparagus.  On the outside, sesame seed, tobiko, spicy mayo and tuna!  

It was OK (what do you expect from me sitting in Northern Illinois trying to make Gulf Coast Sushi?).  It will hold him over until we get back south!

The second roll is a spicy tuna roll with tuna, spicy mayo, tobiko, cream cheese, asparagus and cucumber!  This one turned out MUCH better than the first!  

So, I have dusted off my sushi mat and rice paddle and I'm back at it!  Please, let me know if you have any ideas! 


PS....Thanks, Alex for the title idea!

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