Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs and A Priceless Memory

The largest single chicken egg ever laid weighed a pound with a double yolk and double shell.....OUCH! But, it made a GREAT omelet!

Eggs are so yummy and they pack so much nutritional wonderfulness for only 70 calories! Check out their nutritional value!

I was struck a few weeks ago with a memory.....not sure how it came to 

me, or what triggered it. You know the kind....OUT OF THE BLUE, something out of your past hits you "up long side the head"! I've talked before about my mother and the kitchen....not her best venue, but put her with a group of people and she could tell you everything about them in 4 minutes....but, I digress!

Mom used to make the VERY BEST soft boiled eggs when I was growing up. They were perfectly done EVERY TIME! The whites were fully cooked, but not hard, and the yolks were warm and runny! The perfect place to dunk toast! They were Dad's favorite breakfast, but we were only blessed with them on special occasions!

I can make the perfect hard cooked egg (NEVER boiled), but I have never tried the "ever elusive" PERFECT Soft Boiled Egg, so I went on the hunt for every trick and technique I could find and I tried MANY!
Some techniques were just weird, but, I tried them this half inch of cold water (DON'T cover the egg with water), put in your egg, high heat to boiling for 4 minutes, turn down heat to medium for 3 minutes, immediately shock eggs for one minute in cold water.....tried it runny yolk!

Warm water, put in egg...count the minutes, turn heat up, count the minutes, turn heat down, count the minutes, put in cold water, count the minutes, stand on your head, count the minutes, turn around five times, count the minutes.....I would not have thought there were so many ways to cook the PERFECT Soft Boiled Egg.

So, I went back to the basics! I tried it a few times, tweaked the seconds (not minutes) and my eggs came out PERFECT

They were so perfect, in my mind, I was sitting at the retro linoleum kitchen table with my parents (rest their souls), dunking buttered white toast into my PERFECT runny yolks. It was heaven!

Soft Boiled Eggs

4 large eggs
Large Pan with a lid

Place enough water in the pan so the eggs will be completely covered by one inch of water. Bring water to a boil over high heat.

Set a timer for 5 minutes (don't start it, yet)!

Using a spoon, slip eggs into the water (if you just drop them in, they will hit the bottom of the pan and crack). Cover the pan and start the timer.

Prepare an ice bath to shock the eggs immediately after the 5 minutes is up. Let them sit for 20 seconds, remove and peel.

I needed to leave my eggs in the boiling water for about 10 seconds after the timer to get the perfect consistency I wanted....fully cooked whites and the PERFECT runny yolk. Less time if you like your whites partially set or longer if you like your yolk slightly congealed!


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