How to Use The Print Friendly Button

You may have noticed the "Print Friendly" Button on my posts.

It's a GREAT tool to use to just print the things you want on the page!  When you click it below my posts, you can then edit out all the useless information on the page (all that jibber jabber I fill with)!  It will even let you edit out the pictures, if you don't want them!

When you click it, give it a few seconds to do it's magic, then delete the extra verbage and pics and you are ready to print!

I hope you like it, because I did it just for you!!

You can also get this button as a bookmark for your webpage browsing.  It allows you to print webpages without all that extra stuff you really don't need!  Here is the link to the website to get you this really cool gadget!

I hope you appreciate it!